Music Exposure  - Building your brand, All you need to succeed in music business! If you are an Artist/Producer looking to gain exposure in music business! The DIY approach is the way to go, unless you have a budget to hire a professional for services. In this article I will suggest a few ways to kickstart your music career. First you need to get your music in order, meaning you should have it copyrighted. Next you can use sites like Reverbnation,Myspace,Soundclick etc to build a profile to upload your music. You can use widgets from these sites to promote and sell your music on social networks or a website. After building your brand the next thing to do is advertise and you can use Google adwords or social networks to build a buzz about your music. Last but not least Promote,Promote,Promote! LIFE TIME MANAGEMENT This Hub was last updated on April 14, 2013 Useful • Funny • Awesome • Beautiful • Interesting Discover More Hubs Promoting Your Music Online On Reverbnation Pamela Anderson | The Epic Tale of A Woman and Her Breasts I Want To Get Into The Music Business, Where Do I Start Why you shouldn't download music illegally Top Free Sites for Advertising Your Music Team building with Music Tips on promoting your music online How To Write a Potential "HIT" Song in 5 Easy Steps Unfollow (1)Comments 0 comments No comments yet. Post Comment No HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hype

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