Expert Artist Marketing Group Offers Solutions to Help You Make Money from Music

Want to make money from music? Colorado artist mentoring group Life Time Management offers artist management and specialized marketing services to help you grow your career and land the right gigs.

If you are a music artist looking for a way to get your music and talent noticed by a bigger audience, the artist marketing experts at Life Time Management offer the perfect solutions.

Life Time Management, an artist mentoring group serving Aurora, Denver, Highlands Ranch, and the surrounding Colorado communities, has launched a range of services designed to help music artists develop and grow their careers.

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The services launched by Lifetime Management include artist management, as well as specialized services for artists or bands who do not seek representation.

As artists’ representatives, Life Time Management provides a full suite of services, including booking gigs and appearances, developing branding and creating a marketing strategy for their talents, and promoting them across various media.

The group also provides mentoring on the ins and outs of the music business, as well as career coaching and guidance. Represented artists also get access to Life Time Management’s online studio and other marketing or production solutions.

The Life Time Management group is composed of music professionals who are experts in marketing artists on all mediums. The team is always on the lookout for the latest trends in promoting new and independent artists in any media, from Top 100 radio stations to digital platforms, such as MusicPays

If you do not seek artist representation, you may opt for any of Lifetime Management’s wide range of specialized services to promote your music and expand your network. With their video submission service, for example, Lifetime Management will make sure your music video gets submitted to the right sites where it has a chance of going viral.

Life Time Management also offers a Top 100 radio submission service, where they submit your music to key Top 100 radio stations that accept and play unsolicited material. Through services like this, Lifetime Management can help you get your music and talent across to a wider audience, which can serve as a takeoff point for bigger success.

Other services offered by the group include music video branding, TV and film placements, and more.

According to a spokesperson for Life Time Management, “When it comes to making it in the music industry, many factors are involved. Talent definitely has a lot to do with it, but so does image and promotion. Artist marketing must play a big part in your career development.”

You can learn more about Lifetime Management and their services at the URL mentioned above, as well as the group’s Facebook page


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